An Ansible Approach to Registering RHEL Systems

I am constantly creating and deleting virtual machines. These virtual machines often are RHEL systems, and need to be registered with Red Hat’s CDN. While In the past I had a Role that was wrapped into other provisioning playbooks to perform this task, I find that there are enough one-offs to make it useful to do this as a stand alone playbook. Here is how I set it up, including my rational.

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PXE Setup Part the First

PXE is conglomeration of tools used to get a new operating system onto a computer. It is based on two protocols: DHCP and TFPT. I used PXER a long time ago at Penguin and have always wanted to set it up for my home personal use. I’m doing that now for my lab. My goal is to first be able to provision virtual machines, and then to provision physical boxes. I need to do a full install of RHEL 7 and RHEL 8, which means I also need Kickstart to automate the install process. I had it working, but after rebooting the NUC it is running on it broke. Here’s my debugging.

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Updating a Minecraft Mod: Part One

The Book From which I learned Modding.

I have not touched the mod code I wrote for a couple years now. When Arun and Aditya Gupta wrote their book, the current version of Minecraft was 1.8. That was five years ago, and the current version is 1.15. Some things have changed. I want to document what I need to do to get my old mods running again on the newer version.

My starting point is that I have a working version of Minecraft and the comparable version of forge. Lets take it from there.

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