Technical Overview

I have been writing this blog for 20+ years. Asking someone to read over it to learn something about me is unfair to say the least. Here is a better snapshot of what I have done technically.

I think these set of links show enough of a cross-section of my abilities that there should be no question of where I stand technically.  I’ll provide a bit of context for each.

Dependency Injection in C++

Let me start with what I think is the most interesting code I wrote.

This was based  on working with Dependency Injection in Java, and wishing I had something comparable in C++.  This particular effort makes use of C++ template meta-programming.  For a long time, if you were to Google search C++ Dependency injection, there is a high likelihood you will come across my Github page, or one based on mine.  I think a few have since grown up that make use of my techniques here.  (Original code)  (Slightly different version on GitHub)

Refactoring in Python

Many years prior, during .com bubble 1.0, I wrote an article based on code I had to deal with on the project, an eCommerce  website we built for K Mart when I was at Fort Point partners.  That was an internal article and I could  not take it with me.  For a long time, I wanted to write a similar one, and finally found the ideal code to work with.  This article is the first in a series of 10 or so, each of which takes you through an important step in the refactoring process.  That is the kind of leadership and mentorship I bring with me.

OpenStack Keystone Patches

These two lists show the code I wrote while on Keystone.  This is a Python based web service  of Authentication and Authorization as part of Open Stack.

I show the abandoned  list because it has about as much code as the accepted, and it shows the trial and error that went in to a big open source project.


Here are all the commits I made to the FreeIPA project as the WebUI developer.  I was smart enough to know not to do the visual design myself.  My role was coming up  with a Web Framework, and providing usability input into our design.  FreeIPA is unique among the Data frameworks I have worked  with, in that we had access control information on every field.  It Was LDAP based data and we had the priority to make the most use of this data. The code we wrote pre-dated React, but implemented many of the same principals.

Here are a set of Articles I wrote during my time on the FreeIPA project.

Recent Code Examples

Here are some things I wrote recently. At a minimum they show I still know how to pick up these languages and work with them again; in all examples, these are not the languages I was working with full time for the main part of my job.





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