QJackCtl and Pipewire

It took me a few tries, but I finally got a passable demo/tutorial about Pipewire and QJackCtl.

Here’s the final version. Well, final for now.

Here’s the version before that that got hit by a copyright claim and thus was not visible in Canada. I chose the “auto edit” option to remove the copywritten material. I think that means that you don’t see how you can feed browser audio back into itself. I’ve not watched it since it got cut.

Here is the original Camcorder version. This was really the approach I wanted to take, with the camera picking up the same audio that I was hearing. But the video was unwatchable.

5 thoughts on “QJackCtl and Pipewire

  1. Hii Adam,
    Glad to see your video. I am doing pipewire too, just installed pipewire, but carla , candence and other software that i use in pulseaudio no longer working on pipewire..
    Still trying qpwgraph out (it crashes several time, but no harm). Sad thing is that, there is no volume graph indicator on this software.. because in order to route audio here and there (there are so many “boxes” in the graph that are actually no sound), i have to try on error to see which actually got sound..
    What are there software that you recommend to use for route audio between software and virtual audio cable and adjusting audio ? I like voice meeter banana a lot, it has got very good audio adjustment, has got virtual audio cable, and i can route my audio to whatever software or several softwares and hardware as wish.
    I am looking for such equivalent in linux, but so far none..

  2. You are ahead of me, Andrew. I do very minimal music on the computer. As a Sax player, I tend to focus my time either on the purely analog aspect of playing the big metal beast, or trying to get simple stuff recorded, or composing sheet music to be printed. So far I have been able to do what I need within Pipewire and the listed tools.

    I’ll try to take some time to look into the other tools you listed.

  3. Thanks @Adam Young,

    Glad to hear your friendly reply.
    I am really stuck at linux audio controlling.. .. no idea how any one can use linux to do what i can do on windows os. .lol.. But linux is cool.. like it the same time i hate it. lol..

    Please update me if you found out something. lol..Cheers!

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