25 thoughts on “Getting off Facebook.

  1. I guess I’ll try Twitter. Adam, have enjoyed you so much. Your music, your thoughts. I appreciate what you post.

  2. Sorry to see you go. I hope you will reconsider — at least freeze your account in case you change your mind down the road. –Jeremy

  3. You can always block what you don’t want. This means you are leaving messenger, too. How will we arrange family reunions?

  4. I’m guessing – but could be wrong – that leaving FB might have to do with the FB climate regarding race. I’m pretty sure that you and I are like minded when it comes to socio-political issues. It has certainly been depressing seeing some of our friend’s racism come to the fore when they post on FB. I remember after the election in 2016 my fiancee left FB b/c she couldn’t stand the Trump supporters and them constantly spewing his vitriol and/or denying/forgiving the awful things he said. She couldn’t stand witnessing it and felt it better for her mental health to simply remove herself from it all. I see this moment as similar. However, I will say that I see a glimmer of a reason to be optimistic. Since George Floyd’s death became a national and then international issue and has opened/reopened a dialogue on racism (possibly in a way not seen in decades – only time will tell) I have seen some people actually shift their opinions and become more open to the idea that racism is a problem and recognize things like white privilege and that BLM is not something to be threatened by and that saying ALM can be offensive. It’s hasn’t necessarily been a sea change, but there def has been (in my opinion) more people becoming open minded about systemic racism than the other way around. Just my thoughts. Take care buddy.

  5. I’ll leave the account in place to keep someone else from stealing my identity. I’m very greatful for your friend ship and support and wise voice…but I’m done with many of the racists that have been emboldened and enabled by the platform.

  6. Hey! Enjoy. If you are on twitter I’m @00mrscooper. (Was gonna be a school account but wound up personal).

    I have an inst, but I never look at that.

    Good luck! I’ve enjoyed seeing your posts over the years!

  7. Good call. Once I figure out how to get off FB and stay in touch with about 200 people. I’ll join you. That’s a tall order, I know 😔

  8. I understand completely. I went dark for a year. But re-engaged recently. Much to say on the subject but I’ve learned mostly to hold my tongue. The world would do well to remember the difference between animated face to face conversation and online prattle. Let’s catch up soon.

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