What Nodes are broken?

While I tend to think about the nodes in OpenStack term, the people that physically move the servers around are more familiar with their IPMI address. We have several nodes that are not responding to IPMI requests. Some have been put into the manageable state, some are in error.

Here’s the query I used to list them.

for node in `openstack baremetal node list -f json | jq -r '.[] | select(."Provisioning State"=="manageable"  or  ."Provisioning State"=="error"   )  | .UUID' ` ; 
do openstack baremetal node show  $node -f json | jq -r  '.uuid + " " + .name  + " " + ( .driver_info | .ipmi_address |tostring)  ' ;
fab1bcf7-a7fc-4c19-9d1d-fc4dbc4b2281 falcon05-r097
8470e638-0085-470c-9e51-b2ed016569e1 jade02-r097
44960bfb-9ce5-4f42-9bd2-3f585ea69a85 jade08-r097
9860787a-fa63-45ab-a92f-39f97b44991e jade09-r097
43123529-e839-40ce-95f8-38ba7485667c jade10-r097
a5a14515-32b3-4f31-8490-c0aa21560449 jade11-r097

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