Running do_ scripts from yocto

I wanted to see how my work had diverged from the standard Raspberry Pi build. Specifically, the image creation stage is failing in my work. I can run the script in the original (upstream) version by doing thing following.

  • run tmux so I can get a devshell.
  • run the recipe with the devshell task
  • run teh generated script.

For my work, that looks like this:

bitbake core-image-minimal  -c devshell

The general pattern seems to be that bitbake creates a directory under work with the name of the Triple: distro-vendor-os (I think, that is from memory. I am sure I have something wrong). For example, if I try to build the CentOS image that we are working on using the Linux Yocto Kernel on AARCH64 (ARM). I get a triple of


and my current work is generating


Under that is the top level recipe name. There are other top level packages generated there, and I don’t know the reason. On the Pi build, I get:

base-files init-ifupdown packagegroup-core-boot shadow-securetty
core-image-minimal keymaps rpi-bootfiles sysvinit-inittab
depmodwrapper-cross linux-raspberrypi rpi-config

But I do know that all the logs and scripts I need were put into the directory

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