I’m (not) Here in Facebook

(To the tune of Payphone by Maroon 5)

I'm here on Facebook I came for a Quick Look
I didn't mean to spend the entire day
On Pictures My Dad took of Brisket my Mom Cooked
I should not be wasting my whole life this way

Yeah now I'm forced to remember
The People in seventh grade
Cuz one just posted a picture
A Jazz band concert we played

Now its too late to make it
To the grocery store for supplies
All that time that I wasted
All of my Fridge has been emptied out

I've Wasted my nights
Should have turned out the lights
But I was paralyzed
My nieces replies
My brother recorded from
a conversation recorded off of FaceTime.

I came to Facebook my evening's forsook
All of my hours I wasted on here
Video Mom took of Water in the Brook
It runs really fast this time of year

If I can find some vittles after this
I might still get to sleep by six
When I'm at  my desk I will be sick
One more stupid link I have to click

I made a mess of tomorrow
I was on Facebook today
And that excuse sounds so hollow
Cept You messed up the same way

You can't expect me to like
Political Postings you share
I know we agreed before
But these stupid arguments need shooting down

I've Wasted my nights
Should have turned out the lights
But I was paralyzed
My nephew's replies
My sister recorded from
Stories that she read on line

I came to Facebook my Weekends caput
Both of my Days off I wasted on posts
Flags up at half mast, Stories of Dumbass
Trying to count who responds the most

If I can break my trend here after all
I might still get to sleep by Fall
When I'm at  my desk I will sink
And give in to the urge to click that link

Yeah yeah no way to hang up
So I can't find a way in my head
Though my wife is dragging me to bed
Too many messages left unread

Man, stop that crap
Asking for some birthday money
to a cause that just sounds funny
Why it wasn't you who made up that format
of the meme that you use to torment
At least the wave features turned off
Click bait a false cause
And all of your friends got spammed from some button
Course you should have known better
Some juvenile porno-grafitti
I must remove from my time line
You talked a good game until you took that last shot
and the candidate you backed just got picked up for pot
While we once were friends but now its over tops
Stupid racists remarks got me slamming on blocks
Bone going off and away, this ain't what I'm looking for
Now Its me that is gonna be free from this place
Taking my friend list with me

I'm not on FaceBook, that site is caput
Not gonna spend no more time on you
One day it was what it took, removed the whole book
My time on FaceBook is here by though

I've got so much more time in my day
Now that I threw my account away
Cuz you know that site is full of it
One more stupid posting I'd be sick

I'm off of Facebook....

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