Official TripleO Keystone Images

My recent forays into running containerized Keystone images have been based on a Centos base image with RPMs installed on top of it. But TripleO does not run this way; it runs via containers. Some notes as I look into them.

The official containers for TripleO are currently hosted on The Keystone page is here:

Don’t expect the docker pull command posted on that page to work. I tried a comparable one with podman and got:

$ podman pull tripleomaster/centos-binary-keystone
Trying to pull
  manifest unknown: manifest unknown
Trying to pull

And a few more lines of error output. Thanks to Emilien M, I was able to get the right command:

$ podman pull tripleomaster/centos-binary-keystone:current-tripleo
Trying to pull
Getting image source signatures
Copying config 9e85172eba done
Writing manifest to image destination
Storing signatures

Since I did this as a normal account, and not as root, the image does not get stored under /var, but instead goes somewhere under $HOME/.local. If I type

$ podman images
REPOSITORY                                       TAG               IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE   current-tripleo   9e85172eba10   2 days ago     904 MB

I can see the short form of the hash starting with 9e85. I copy that to use to match the subdir under ls /home/ayoung/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-image

ls /home/ayoung/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay-images/9e85172eba10a2648ae7235076ada77b095ed3da05484916381410135cc8884c/

If I cat that file, I can see all of the layers that make up the image itself.

Trying a naive: podman run I get an error that shows just how kolla-centric this image is:

$ podman run
+ sudo -E kolla_set_configs
INFO:__main__:Loading config file at /var/lib/kolla/config_files/config.json
ERROR:__main__:Unexpected error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/bin/kolla_set_configs", line 412, in main
    config = load_config()
  File "/usr/local/bin/kolla_set_configs", line 294, in load_config
    config = load_from_file()
  File "/usr/local/bin/kolla_set_configs", line 282, in load_from_file
    with open(config_file) as f:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/kolla/config_files/config.json'

So I read the docs. Trying to fake it with:

$ podman run -e KOLLA_CONFIG='{}'
+ sudo -E kolla_set_configs
INFO:__main__:Validating config file
ERROR:__main__:InvalidConfig: Config is missing required "command" key

When running with TripleO, The config files are generated from Heat Templates. The values for the config.json come from here.
This gets me slightly closer:

podman run  -e KOLLA_CONFIG_STRATEGY=COPY_ONCE   -e KOLLA_CONFIG='{"command": "/usr/sbin/httpd"}'

But I still get an error of “no listening sockets available, shutting down” even if I try this as Root. Below is the whole thing I tried to run.

$ podman run   -v $PWD/fernet-keys:/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/keystone/fernet-keys   -e KOLLA_CONFIG_STRATEGY=COPY_ONCE   -e KOLLA_CONFIG='{ "command": "/usr/sbin/httpd", "config_files": [ { "source": "/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/keystone/fernet-keys", "dest": "/etc/keystone/fernet-keys", "owner":"keystone", "merge": false, "perm": "0600" } ], "permissions": [ { "path": "/var/log/kolla/keystone", "owner": "keystone:keystone", "recurse": true } ] }'

Lets go back to simple things. What is inside the container? We can peek using:

podman run ls

Basically, we can perform any command that will not last longer than the failed kolla initialization. No Bash prompts, but shorter single line bash commands work. We can see that mysql is uninitialized:

 podman run cat /etc/keystone/keystone.conf | grep "connection ="
#connection = <None>

What about those config files that the initialization wants to copy:

podman run ls /var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/httpd/conf.d
ls: cannot access /var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/httpd/conf.d: No such file or directory

So all that comes from external to the container, and is mounted at run time.

$ podman run cat /etc/passwd  | grep keystone

Which owns the config and the log files.

$ podman run ls -la /var/log/keystone
total 8
drwxr-x---. 2 keystone keystone 4096 Dec 17 08:28 .
drwxr-xr-x. 6 root     root     4096 Dec 17 08:28 ..
-rw-rw----. 1 root     keystone    0 Dec 17 08:28 keystone.log
$ podman run ls -la /etc/keystone
total 128
drwxr-x---. 2 root     keystone   4096 Dec 17 08:28 .
drwxr-xr-x. 2 root     root       4096 Dec 19 16:30 ..
-rw-r-----. 1 root     keystone   2303 Nov 12 02:15 default_catalog.templates
-rw-r-----. 1 root     keystone 104220 Dec 14 01:09 keystone.conf
-rw-r-----. 1 root     keystone   1046 Nov 12 02:15 logging.conf
-rw-r-----. 1 root     keystone      3 Dec 14 01:09 policy.json
-rw-r-----. 1 keystone keystone    665 Nov 12 02:15 sso_callback_template.html
$ podman run cat /etc/keystone/policy.json

Yes, policy.json is empty.

Lets go back to the config file. I would rather not have to pass in all the config info as an environment variable each time. If I run as root, I can use the podman bind-mount option to relabel it:

 podman run -e KOLLA_CONFIG_FILE=/config.json  -e KOLLA_CONFIG_STRATEGY=COPY_ONCE   -v $PWD/config.json:/config.json:z

This eventually fails with the error message “no listening sockets available, shutting down” Which seems to be due to the lack of the httpd.conf entries for keystone:

# podman run -e KOLLA_CONFIG_FILE=/config.json  -e KOLLA_CONFIG_STRATEGY=COPY_ONCE   -v $PWD/config.json:/config.json:z  ls /etc/httpd/conf.d

The clue seems to be in the Heat Templates. There are a bunch of files that are expected to be in /var/lib/kolla/config_files/src in side the container. Here’s my version of the WSGI config file:

Listen 5000
Listen 35357
ServerSignature Off
ServerTokens Prod
TraceEnable off
ErrorLog /var/log/kolla/keystone/apache-error.log"
<IfModule log_config_module>
    CustomLog /var/log/kolla/keystone/apache-access.log" common
LogLevel info
<Directory "/usr/bin">
    <FilesMatch "^keystone-wsgi-(public|admin)$">
        AllowOverride None
        Options None
        Require all granted
<VirtualHost *:5000>
    WSGIDaemonProcess keystone-public processes=5 threads=1 user=keystone group=keystone display-name=%{GROUP} python-path=/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages
    WSGIProcessGroup keystone-public
    WSGIScriptAlias / /usr/bin/keystone-wsgi-public
    WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL}
    WSGIPassAuthorization On
    <IfVersion >= 2.4>
      ErrorLogFormat "%{cu}t %M"
    ErrorLog "/var/log/kolla/keystone/keystone-apache-public-error.log"
    LogFormat "%{X-Forwarded-For}i %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b %D \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" logformat
    CustomLog "/var/log/kolla/keystone/keystone-apache-public-access.log" logformat
<VirtualHost *:35357>
    WSGIDaemonProcess keystone-admin processes=5 threads=1 user=keystone group=keystone display-name=%{GROUP} python-path=/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages
    WSGIProcessGroup keystone-admin
    WSGIScriptAlias / /usr/bin/keystone-wsgi-admin
    WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL}
    WSGIPassAuthorization On
    <IfVersion >= 2.4>
      ErrorLogFormat "%{cu}t %M"
    ErrorLog "/var/log/kolla/keystone/keystone-apache-admin-error.log"
    LogFormat "%{X-Forwarded-For}i %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b %D \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" logformat
    CustomLog "/var/log/kolla/keystone/keystone-apache-admin-access.log" logformat

So with a directory structure like this:

C[root@ayoungP40 kolla]find src/ -print

And a Kolla config.json file like this:

   "command": "/usr/sbin/httpd",
   "config_files": [
              "source": "/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/keystone/fernet-keys",
              "dest": "/etc/keystone/fernet-keys",
              "merge": false,
              "preserve_properties": true
              "source": "/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/etc/httpd/conf.d",
              "dest": "/etc/httpd/conf.d",
              "merge": false,
              "preserve_properties": true
              "source": "/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src/*",
              "dest": "/",
              "merge": true,
              "preserve_properties": true
    "permissions": [
            "path": "/var/log/kolla/keystone",
            "owner": "keystone:keystone",
            "recurse": true

I can run Keystone like this:

podman run -e KOLLA_CONFIG_FILE=/config.json  -e KOLLA_CONFIG_STRATEGY=COPY_ONCE   -v $PWD/config.json:/config.json:z   -v $PWD/src:/var/lib/kolla/config_files/src:z

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