Deploying a Minimalistic Flask Application to OpenShift

Some colleagues and I were discussing the network access policy of OpenShift. I realized it would be very helpful to have a trivial app that I could deploy to OpenShift that would then try to make a call to another service. So I wrote it using Python3 and Flask. Now that I have it working, I want to deploy it in OpenShift, again, in a trivial manner.

I would not deploy a Flask App into production without a Web server to front it. But that is what I am going to do for this test app.

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Splitting a patch

To make things easier for your code reviewer, each patch should be small, and hold one well defined change. I break this rule all the time, and it comes back to bite me. What happens is that I get heads down coding, and I have a solution that involves changes to wide number of files and subsystems, new abstractions, etc. Here is how I am currently dealing with breaking down a big patch.

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Keeping Development Code Current

Embracing change is hard.  Accepting criticism on code you worked so hard to prepare for review can be hard on the ego.  But when you have additional work that is underway that depends on submissions undergoing review, it can also be a challenge to your organizational skills.  I’ve recently learned a trick about  git that makes this easier in the context of Open Stack development.

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