Print the line after a match using AWK

We have an internal system for allocating hardware to developers on a short term basis. While the software does have a web API, it is not enabled by default, nor in our deployment. Thus, we end up caching a local copy of the data about the machine. The machine names are a glom of architecture, and location. So I make a file with the name of the machine, and a symlink to the one I am currently using.

One of the pieces of information I need out of this file is the IP address for ssh access. The format is two lines in the file, like this:


While the SYSTEMIP is an easy regular expression match, what I need is the line after the match, and that is a little less trivial. Here is what I have ended up with (using this post as a reference).

awk 'f{print; f=0};/SYSTEMIP/{f=1}' current_dev

Which produces the expected output:

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