Generating a clouds.yaml file

Kolla creates an admin.rc file using the environment variables. I want to then use this in a terraform plan, but I’d rather not generate terrafoprm specific code for the Keystone login data. So, a simple python script converts from env vars to yaml.

import os
import yaml
clouds = {
    "cluster": {
        "auth" : {
            "auth_url" : os.environ["OS_AUTH_URL"], 
            "project_name": os.environ["OS_PROJECT_NAME"],
            "project_domain_name": os.environ["OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_NAME"],
            "username": os.environ["OS_USERNAME"],
            "user_domain_name": os.environ["OS_USER_DOMAIN_NAME"],
            "password": os.environ["OS_PASSWORD"]
print (yaml.dump(clouds))

To use it:

./ > clouds.yaml

Note that you should have sourced the appropriate config environment variables file, such as :

. /etc/kolla/

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