I know JACK!

Well enough to be dangerous. I was able to get the JACK Daemon running on my Lenovo Laptop running Fedora 32, and us it to record MIDI-based music.

The steps were relatively straight forward. First I had to shut off Pulse Audio.

systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.service
systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket

The Rosegarden setup made sense to me, though it was a touch dated.

Specifically, the [>] referred to in that doc was no longer there, but the drop down had what I needed. I had to select the right audio device, which for me was HW:PCH

I went to QSynth and changed the Audio “Audio Driver: alsa” as well. And with that, I could record MIDI. Rosegarden automatically connected to the EWI. Switching between MIDI devices was done in QJackCtl’s graph dialog, just like I did before.

And, with everything set up this way, audio no longer worked for the video conferencing tools in my browser, so it is only temporary.

2 thoughts on “I know JACK!

  1. Thanks Nils. You also told me this on a different channel:

    “Fedora kernels can do RT scheduling, but PlanetCCRMA has kernels with the PREEMPT_RT patch which you can use to squeeze out that last bit of low latency. I don’t use the latter and latency is tolerable with our stock kernels on my HW (Focusrite Saffire Pro40), though I haven’t used it to monitor via the DAW in a long while (because of the HW matrix mixer in the interface). PlanetCCRMA is split into too repos, planetccrma for all the audio-specific stuff and planetcore for the kernel: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/planetccrma/mirror/fedora/linux/planetcore/32/x86_64/
    Took me a moment to figure that out as well. 😀
    Their RT kernel is at 5.6.19 which is reasonably current.”

    and also

    “I’ve only used stock Fedora kernels for some years, didn’t need better latency than that because I use the hardware matrix mixer for monitoring. Mind the stock kernel’s latency might or might not be sufficient for monitoring via the DAW, haven’t tried it”

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