Shell variable expansion across ssh sessions

ssh allows you to run a command on a remote machine. You may want to use a shell variable in a remote command. You have to be aware of when that variable gets evaluated.

This session started with me interactively logged in on a remote system called f34-kernel-test. We’ll call this the server, and the system from which I logged in we’ll call the client. My goal is to type the command on the client, hit enter, and see the hostname of the remote system.

[fedora@f34-kernel-test ~]$ echo $HOSTNAME
[fedora@f34-kernel-test ~]$ exit
Connection to closed.
[ayoung@ayoung-home linux]$ echo $HOSTNAME
[ayoung@ayoung-home linux]$ ssh fedora@   echo $HOSTNAME
[ayoung@ayoung-home linux]$ ssh fedora@   "echo $HOSTNAME"
[ayoung@ayoung-home linux]$ ssh fedora@   "echo '$HOSTNAME'"
[ayoung@ayoung-home linux]$ ssh fedora@   "echo \$HOSTNAME"

Note that all of the quoted options failed to prevent the variable expansion from happening on the client system. The only approach which worked here was to escape the slash.

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