Updating config.sub in a bitbake recipe

config.sub is used to determine, among other things, the architecture of the machine. This is used in the configure script for an autotools based make file.

Older config.sub files don’t know how to handle aarch64, the generic name used for ARM64 servers in the build process. We have a recipe that pulls in code using an older config.sub file and I need to update.

My first approach was to build a patch. This works fine, and it was my fallback, but it is tedious to do for every recipe that needs this update, every time it needs it. It turns out we have a better approach that follows the guide of “don’t repeat yourself.”

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That Yocto Thing

Many hardware vendors use Yocto as a way to provide a version of the Linux Kernel and board bring up package. This is a very Linux-from-scratch type approach that grew out of GenToo. My current work is on closing the gap between these vendors and the RPM based code management approach in Fedora etc.

This is a lot of fun.

Our code repository is on gitlab.

I’ll be posting some of the more interesting things that I learn while working on this.