Updating a Minecraft Mod: Part One

The Book From which I learned Modding.

I have not touched the mod code I wrote for a couple years now. When Arun and Aditya Gupta wrote their book, the current version of Minecraft was 1.8. That was five years ago, and the current version is 1.15. Some things have changed. I want to document what I need to do to get my old mods running again on the newer version.

My starting point is that I have a working version of Minecraft and the comparable version of forge. Lets take it from there.

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Running GUI Applications in a container with SELinux

As I work more and more with containers, I find myself wanting to make more use of them to segregate running third party apps. Taking the lead of Jessie Frazelle I figured I would try to run the Minecraft client in a Container on Fedora 25. As expected, it was a learning experience, but I got it. Here’s the summary:
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Minecraft X Y Z

Minecraft uses the Cartesian coordinate system to locate and display blocks. That means that every block location in a Minecraft universe can be described using three values: X, Y, and Z. Even the player’s avatar “Steve” has a position recorded this way. If you type the F3 key, you can see a bunch of text on the screen. Buried in there somewhere are the 3 values for Steve’s position.

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