Such a geek

I was looking through the IPA code and came across these two lines:

‘Str’: _ipa_create_text_input,
‘Int’: _ipa_create_text_input,

I immediately thought

What is he doing putting D&D character abilities in the code?

Of course, the next line was

‘Bool’: _ipa_create_text_input,

Ah, data types.  Once a geek…

Project Values

When a group forms, one of the things it does, over time, is develop values.  Different development teams have different values, and people that come into the development process have to learn and adopt those values.   One value of the FreeIPA project that is very different from other recent projects of mine is this:  The main code repository is only for “published” code.  Work in progress should happen elsewhere.  The main git repository should be easily readable.

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