The Sax Doctor

Distinctive ring that holds the bell of a Selmer Paris Saxophone to the main body of the horn.

Ring of a Selmer Paris Saxophone

Dropped my Sax off at Emilio Lyon’s house and workshop. My folks bought it for me from him at Rayburn Music in Boston back when I was a High School Freshman. I still remember him pointing to the sticker on it that indicated “This is my work.”

As someone who loves both the saxophone and working with my hands, I have to admit I was looking forward to meeting him. I was even a little nervous. He has a great reputation. Was he going to chastise me for the state of my horn? It hadn’t been serviced in…way too long. I was a little worried that the lack of changing the oil on the rods would have worn down some of the metal connections.
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The Upcoming Year

Until a few decades ago, attendance at chapel was mandatory for all cadets at West Point. The Jewish cadets and officers used to meet in chapels for other denominations, or other buildings around the post. The Jewish Chapel was completed in the early 1980s, after chapel was no longer mandatory, but still highly encouraged. It provided a sanctuary unrivalled at West Point. The food alone was sufficient to encourage participation from beyond “The Tribe.”
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I was working at a local coffee shop when I noticed an old man walk in.  His hat had a Yin Yang on it.  It struck a memory and I Googled for a list of US Army division patches.  Easy access to modern technology told me more than I expected.  The 29th Infantry Division, the Blue and the Gray, landed at Bloody Omaha on June 6th, 1944.

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