Simplifying the network

I seem to have a bad Ethernet port on the NUC. Since I have an external Ethernet adapter as well, this is not a show stopper, but it does change the approach I am going to make to my home network. As always: Simplification is preferred. Here’s the current approach:

The NUC does not have enough RAM (even at 16 GB) to run the full control plane for OpenShift. I am going to limit it to running 2 VMs. One is for Bootstrapping the cluster, and will be ephemeral. The second is a PFSense router/proxy network device.

I’ll use a common network across the physical and virtual machines ( and, as an added bonus, be able to peek into the physical machines from my laptop. I’m setting up a bridge on the NUC to connect the VM network with the physical.

  nmcli con add ifname br0 type bridge con-name br0
  nmcli con add type bridge-slave ifname enp0s21f0u3 master br0
  nmcli con mod br0 ipv4.method manual
  nmcli con mod br0 ipv4.method manual ipv4.addresses

I’ll work on the PFSense VM next week.

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