Jamulus Server with a Low Latency Kernel on F33

I’m trying to run a Jamulus server . I got it running, but the latency was high. My first step was to add the real time kernel from CCRMA.

CCRMA no longer ships a super-package for core. The main thing missing seems to be the rtirq package.

  • installed the ccrma repo file.
  • installed the real time Kernel
  • Set the RT kernel as the default.
  • installed the rtirq scripts rpm
  • enabler the systemd module for rtirq
  • rebooted
  • cloned the Jamulus repo from git
  • configure, built, and installed Jamulus from the sources
  • added a systemd module for Jamulus
  • set selinux to permissive mode (starting Jamulus failed without this)
  • started Jamulus
  • ensured I could connect to it
  • stopped jamulus
  • set selinux to enforcing mode
  • restarted Jamulus from systemctl
  • connected from my desktop to the Jamulus server
  • Jammed

It does not seem to have much impact on the latency I am seeing. I think that is bound more by network.

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