Mount Chocorua

When I was a kid, I fell in love with the book “Look to the Mountain” about settlers in Middle New Hampshire. The Mountain in the title is Chocorua. This weekend I got to meet her in person; on May 3rd my son and I hiked up Mount Chororua.

This was my favorite New Hampshire hike thus far. Highlights include a River crossing, a Bald Eagle sighting, a fun boulder problem in a stellar setting, and 360 degree views of the White Mountains from the summit on clear day. The last was made the more special by picking out the previous hikes. I think my hiking partner is starting to get an appreciation for geology and geography.

The Peak of Chocorua as seen from the trail.
We took the weetamoo trail up, and the Piper trail down.
We crossed the Chocorua River on those logs.
Weetamoo Rock? I think. Glacial erratic on the side of the trail
Yes I climbed it.
A tree blocking the trail in a dramatic fashion.

The Weetamoo trail was very well maintained.
A well built cairn.
Differential weathering.
The arrowheads point the direction of the trail.
A bald eagle…I think.
Medallion at the peak.
A view of the Presidential range from the summit.
360 view from the summit of Chocorua.