sendto system call from python

Once we open a socket, we probably want to send and receive data across it.Here is the system call we need to make in order to send data as I wrote about in my last post:

c = sendto(sd, buf, sizeof(buf), 0,
                (struct sockaddr *)&addr, sizeof(addr));

Note the cast of the addr parameter. This is a structure with another structure embedded in it. I tried hand-jamming the structure, but the data sent across the system call interface was not what I expected. In order to make it work ,I uses a utility called ctypesgen with the header I separated out in my last post. Runing this:

ctypesgen ./spdmcli.h

generates a lot of code, much of which I don’t need. The part I do need looks like this:

__uint8_t = c_ubyte# /usr/include/bits/types.h: 38
__uint16_t = c_ushort# /usr/include/bits/types.h: 40
__uint32_t = c_uint# /usr/include/bits/types.h: 42
uint8_t = __uint8_t# /usr/include/bits/stdint-uintn.h: 24
uint16_t = __uint16_t# /usr/include/bits/stdint-uintn.h: 25
uint32_t = __uint32_t# /usr/include/bits/stdint-uintn.h: 26

# /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 5
class struct_mctp_addr(Structure):

struct_mctp_addr.__slots__ = [
struct_mctp_addr._fields_ = [
    ('s_addr', uint8_t),

# /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 9
class struct_sockaddr_mctp(Structure):

struct_sockaddr_mctp.__slots__ = [
struct_sockaddr_mctp._fields_ = [
    ('smctp_family', uint16_t),
    ('smctp_network', uint32_t),
    ('smctp_addr', struct_mctp_addr),
    ('smctp_type', uint8_t),
    ('smctp_tag', uint8_t),

# /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 3
    MCTP_TAG_OWNER = 0x08

mctp_addr = struct_mctp_addr# /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 5

sockaddr_mctp = struct_sockaddr_mctp# /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 9

With those definition, the following code makes the system call with the parameter data in the right order:

mctp_addr = struct_mctp_addr(0x32) # /root/spdmcli/spdmcli.h: 16
sockaddr_mctp = struct_sockaddr_mctp(AF_MCTP, 1, mctp_addr , 5, 0x08)

p = create_string_buffer(b"Held") 
p[0] = 0x10 
p[1] = 0x82

sz = sizeof(sockaddr_mctp)
print("calling sendto")

rc = libc.sendto(sock, p, sizeof(p), 0, byref(sockaddr_mctp), sz) 
errno = get_errno_loc()[0]
print("rc = %d errno =  %d" % (rc, errno)   )

if (rc < 0 ):


With this Next step is to read the response.

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