About Adam Young

Once upon a time I was an Army Officer, but that was long ago. Now I work as a Software Engineer. I climb rocks, play saxophone, and spend way too much time in front of a computer.

Vector Multiplication Using the Neon Coprocessor instructions on ARM64

Last post I showed how to do multiplication for a vector of integers using ARM64 instructions. Lots of use cases require these kinds of operations to be performed in bulk. The Neon coprocessor has instructions that allow for the parallel loading and multiplication of numbers. Here’s my simplistic test of these instructions.

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Agile is not agile

Based on previous experiences, I would be hard pressed to join a team that has Scrum masters.

I expect that my previous experience was extreme, but not outside expectations for an organization that felt the need to officially embrace Agile(tm) and the concept of agile practitioners as part of the development process. It has been a bit over a year, and my frustration at the process has had a bit of time to settle, but I still feel my virtual hackles rise up when I think about the process.

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The Overtone Scale?

If you look at the overtone series, specifically from the 8th to the 16th, you’lll notice that they fit into an octave and almost, but not quite, make up a major scale.. I’d like to look a little closer at that difference.

If we start on a C, the notes of the series are (almost)

C D E F# G Ab Bb B C

I say almost because they are not actually these notes…these are merely the closest approximations to the notes if you are playing a well-tempered clavier or its descendants. If you are playing something a little more flexible, such as a fretless string instrument like the violin, you can adjust your playing and play exactly these pitches.

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