Cloud Narrative

Identity Management (IdM) needs change as an organization grows in size. For an example, I’ll describe a fictional company, and take it from the smallest to largest stages. While, to some degree, the industry of this firm really doesn’t matter, I am going to use a small import business started by a single individual and scale it up to a multinational corporation. As the organization grows in size, the technical needs will drive the scope and scale of the identity management solutions required.
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Please don’t title your post “Conference Update”

Everyone at FUDcon posts a FUDcon update. Everyone at OLS posts and OLS update. They come in massive blocks, and I personally can’t process them all. Adam doesn’t scale. Instead, please post a shorter post with the crucial piece or pieces that you’ve learned, and title it that way. You can mention that you learned it at Fudcon, but please provide a better orienting title to you post. I do really want to read them. Since I can’t make it to all the conferences, I count on you, the community, to provide a filter.

Cloud Identity Management

Openstack Keystone is the Identity Management (IdM) gateway for the rest of the Openstack infrastructure.  While it is fairly new code, and not feature complete as of yet,  it does show some interesting aspects of cloud identity management and the issues it involves.  That, of course, begets the question of what is required in a cloud Identity Management gateway.

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