Muppet Princess Bride

So I watched the latest Muppet Movie with my family this weekend and it go me thinking: who would I cast for a Muppet Version of the Princess Bride?

Sick Kid in Bed:  Robin the Frog

Grandpa:  Kermit

Buttercup:  Janice

Westley:  Floyd

Vizzini:  Rizzo the Rat

Inigo Montoya:  Pepe the King Prawn

Fezzik:  Sweetums

Humperdinck: Link Hearthrob

Count Rugen: Professor Bunsen Honeydew

The Albino:  Beaker

Yellin the Spy Master:  Marvin Suggs

Miracle Max:  Waldorf

Valerie:  Statler (in drag)

Impressive Clergyman:  The Swedish Chef

The King: Gonzo the Great

The Queen: Camilla the Chicken

Old Lady Who Boos: Miss Piggy


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