Installing FreeIPA on a Tripleo undercloud

I’ve been talking about using FreeIPA to secure OpenStack since the Havana summit in Portland. I’m now working with Tripleo to install OpenStack. To get the IPA server installed along with Tripleo Quickstart requires a VM accessible from the Ansible playbook.

UPDATE:  This is changing rapidly.  I’ll post complete updates in a bit, but the commit below is now one in a chain, and the isntracutrions are in the git messages for the commits.  One missing step in order to run ansible is:export ANSIBLE_CONFIG=$HOME/.quickstart/tripleo-quickstart/


Build the Identity VM

  • Apply the patch to quickstart that builds the VM
  • Run quickstartm at least up to the undercloud stage. The steps below do the complete install.

Since Quickstart makes a git repo under ~/.quickstart, I’ve been using that as my repo. It avoids duplication, and makes my changes visible.

mkdir ~/.quickstart
cd ~/.quickstart
git clone
cd tripleo-quickstart
git review -d 315749
~/.quickstart/tripleo-quickstart/   -t all

If you are not set up for git review, you can pull the patch manually from Gerrit.

Set the hostname FQDN for the identity machine

ssh -F /home/ayoung/.quickstart/ssh.config.ansible identity-root hostnamectl set-hostname --static

Add variables to the inventory file ~/.quickstart/hosts


Activate the Venv:

. ~/.quickstart/bin/activate

Use Rippowam branch

cd ~/devel
git clone
cd rippowam
git checkout origin/tripleo

Run ansible

ansible-playbook -i ~/.quickstart/hosts ~/devel/rippowam/ipa.yml

Making this VM available to the overcloud requires some network wizardry. That deserves a post itself.

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