Importing JBoss Application Server 5 code into Eclipse Take 2

I wasn’t super pleased with my results yesterday, so I kept plugging away.  Better results today.

  • Checked out sources.  This time, I made a backup copy.
  • ran mvn install in the jbossas directory
  • ran mvn eclipse:eclipse in the jbossas directory
  • imported the projects into eclipse.  Saw about 100 errors.
  • I had to exclude  a couple of things from the source paths by hand.

In two cases, I had errors that showed different versions of standard Java classes regarding CORBA and JAAS.  To get these to build correctly, I went to the Build Path popup and selected the Order and Export tab.  In both cases, the JRE directory was the last one listed.  I moved it to the top of the list.  I suspect that some scripting is in order to reorder these in all of the .classpath files.  However, once again, I have a project with no errors.

I notice that most of the projects refer to the jar files built from previous projects as opposed to depending on the projects themselves.  Everything has been installed in M2_REPO, and is fetched from there as well.  This is astep above installing in /thirdparty.

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