A minor addition for todo.txt

I had a simple todo list I managed using shell scripts and git, but I wanted something for the Cell phone. The todo.txt application fills that need now. But I was able to reuse something from my old approach to make it a little more command line friendly.

I want to be able to add a todo from the command line without thinking syntax or dates or anything. Here is the code:


TODOLINE=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
until [ -z "$1" ] # Until all parameters used up . . .

pushd $HOME/Dropbox/todo

echo $TODOLINE >> todo.txt

I have it in  ~/bin/add_todo~/bin is a part of $PATH.  To remember something, I type:

add_todo Meet with Jim on Monday

And In the corresponding document I get:

2017-09-23 Meet with Jim on Monday

The thing I like about the script is that it treats each command line argument as part of the message;  no quotes are required.

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