firewall-d for FreeIPA

First hack at a script to open the ports needed by FreeIPA. On Fedora 18, running Firewall D, I ran the below script. Comments and corrections welcome.


PORTS='80 443 389 636 88 464 53'
for PORT in $PORTS
        firewall-cmd --add-port=$PORT/tcp

PORTS='88 464 123 53'
for PORT in $PORTS
        firewall-cmd --add-port=$PORT/udp

Note, this will not persist across reboots.
To persist across reboots:

 cp /usr/lib/firewalld/zones/public.xml /etc/firewalld/zones/

and edit it. Unfortunately, there are not services entries yet for all of the services in firewall-d, at least no in Fedora. For now, grab the values from
The Red Hat Bugzilla Entry for More Services for Firewall-D and put them under /etc/firewalld/services/

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