Tyrone you are an artist of the ultimate degree
Your work I say if the truth be told
Is awesome, terrible a marvel to behold
Unfortunately I haven’t even one half hour free

So much to do but yet so little time
trying to plan all of the festivities
the country of Florin’s anniversary
Ensuring the wedding will just be devine
I can’t do everything I want
I’m Swamped

In the parade all the nobles will march
and if Duke follows baron the unrest will spread
And all these decisions will fall on my head
Which villain to hang from the victory arch
Everybody has something they want
I’m Swamped

Then theres the seating inside of the church
Ensuring we have the right food for the feast
Who will get Salmon or Chicken or Beef
None of the Nobles can be left in the lurch

Seating my Uncle Near my Aunt
I’m swamped

It certainly is hard waiting to be king
If I might be so bold as to suggest
set aside some time to get sufficient rest
If your’ve not your health you don’t have anything

You look just a little gaunt
You’re swamped

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