Brawns, Brain, and Steel

This one is a minor I-IV-II-V number based on a melody I wrote a long time ago.  It is acappella until Fezzik starts.

Brawn, Brains and Steel

Vizzini: I was wondering if you’d help us
We’re performers from the circus
Lady up there on your horse
Can you help us find our course

How far to the closest town
Buttercup: There is none for miles around
Vizzini:There is no one near this scene
so nobody will hear you scream

Fezzik: If you want a job done right
bring along a man of might

Inigo: To bring the plan into accord
get yourself a hired sword.

Vizzini: For a plan thats circumspect
needs a cunning intellect

For proper execution you’d best combine
Fezzik:My strength
Inigo: My Sword
Vizzini: My mind

First of all you need a plan
Vizzini he is your man
If you have some heavy work
You get Fezzik, the might Turk

To protect your gotten gain
Inigo the sword from Spain
The only way to close the deal
You need brawn and brains and steel.

If you’ve a mission coming on
you need steel and brains and brawn

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