What’s wrong with me

(Lyrics Composed while jogging some years back and dedicated to my wife)

When I was a little boy

I had a schoolyard crush

There was a little dark haired girl

I wanted very much

Instead I go rejection,

delivered brutally

Hey, what’s wrong with me?

Starting out, a first career

my enthusiasm burst

When the time came to evaluate

my performance was the worst

I worked so long, I tried so hard,

oh no, this cannot be

Hey’ what’s wrong with me?

Looking back at all my life,

have I done the whole thing wrong?

When will I find happiness,

and where will I belong

We shared a dance we shared a kiss

The kiss was very nice

you called me back to break our date

but then you called me twice.

A brand new occupation

that fits me perfectly

there’s nothing wrong with me

nothing, major, wrong with me.

(Inspired by the standard “Everything happens to me”)

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