More musings

Synagogue would be a hell of a lot more fun if more people heckled the Rabbi.

Ayn Rand seems to appeal to men in their mid twenties.

Martin Fowler is responsible for popularizing some of the most important ideas in software design.

There is an amazing power in large combinations of simple things. The universe is defined by a very small number of rules repeated a lot of times.

Even if we accept that there should be a categorical imperative, how can we determine which aspect of our action should be the generalizable part and which is the part that is adapted to our present situation?

Considering how much information is stored on me in computers, I still have to fill out my address an excessive number of times. Shouldn’t we be at the point that my address is be pre-filled in a web form?

High fiber cereal does not make a good dinner.

Wrestling and rock climbing a very complimentary sports. Both require a sense of balance in your body. Rock climbing develops hand grip strength that is a benefit to wrestling. Both require and develop a strong core.

Binary search is the primary tool of debugging anything.

The build-execute-change cycle is the key to productivity in software. Building high performance software usually kills you in the build step.

We wasted too much time on Drill and Ceremony at West Point. If Napoleon Bonaparte ever invades, the United States Corps of Cadets will be ready.

No drug can be more addictive than the sound of your own child’s laughter.

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