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  1. I see Andre almost every weekday at South Station. What did Billy do with the gofundme money? Thanks for caring!

  2. Tough lesson on choices people make, but kudos to Billy for reaching out. Does he still talk to Andre?

  3. I saw Andre today at South Station (at the bottom of the escalators from the lobby) where I usually see him. But today as I passed him a woman was leaning into him and praying with him. She only comes into Boston once or twice a year and saw him a year ago and was touched by him. She asked him where he was spending Thanksgiving and he said Rosie’s Place. She suggested he try the Kingston House, which he didn’t know about. As I am curious about him and his story, something made me try to find out on the internet if there was something about this guy. He has touched me in a way I cannot explain. I did not know his back story and reading about Bill’s efforts was gratifying only to realize that he was not able to help Andre in the end. Kudos to Bill for his efforts, but I understand that these things happen. I have wanted to give him some gently used winter clothing, but as he carries everything on his back, am not sure that is the best thing to do. My heart breaks a little each time I see him and even further to know more about his story and his choices in life. Sometimes people do not want your help or do not want to make the changes necessary to do something new. I will keep saying prayers for him as this woman I met today who is also praying for him.

  4. I met Andre yesterday at the bottom of the stairs at South Station on my way to the Red Line. This was around 11:30pm coming off an evening bus from NYC. The overwhelming sense of sadness I felt upon seeing him was unexpected. There have only been two other occasions in my life so far when I’d grieved more deeply. When I arrived home past midnight I called the one friend who I thought would be awake and would care, because I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

    First, thank you to Adam for writing this post. On a whim I searched for “Boston blind Andre” and found this, and I’m glad to now know more of Andre’s story than I’d thought to ask yesterday. Second, while the GoFundMe campaign ended, I actually think Andre could do very well as a entrepreneur/masseuse (see Kate Garms[1] as an example) or find other gainful employment (see the guide described in my Indiegogo campaign[2] as an example) that doesn’t require sight.

    I feel that money alone will not help Andre. I don’t know what else would be needed to get Andre out of chronic homelessness, but I’m sure I’ll continue to mull over this in the coming weeks. If anyone wants to meet up to hang out with Andre or to bounce some ideas, feel free to call or text me at (617) 383-7893.

    [1]: http://www.kategarms.com/about.html
    [2]: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/you-bible-read-cover-to-cover-seriously-community-education

  5. I took down the article. Billy learned a lot from the experience. One thing he learned is that it is not wise to make something like this public when the person involved is in a delicate situation.

  6. Really not appropriate for me to say. I was boosting Billy’s message. He has let me know that it is not longer appropriate for me to do so. Sorry. Its why I took down the article.

  7. I always wonder about panhandlers, whether or not I’m funding an addiction or getting scammed. But when I see Andre, I feel like this is the real deal, and he breaks my heart. I know you can’t give details but thank you for caring about him.

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