Creating an additional host for a Tripleo overcloud

I’ve been successful following the steps to get a Tripleo deployment. I now need to add another server to host the Identity Management and Federation services. Here’s the steps:

The easiest way to to start back at the environment setup, and tell instack to create an extra node:

export NODE_MEM=8192
export NODE_COUNT=3

The default creates two nodes: one for the controller, one for compute. By increasing this to 3, instack will provide a third virtual machine and register it with Ironic.

I then ran through the steps to deploy Tripleo using Tripleo-common.

Note, that I did not run the all-in-one. I ran each of the commands in turn, made sure that it succeeded and moved on to the next step. Running with no parameters gives the following output:

      --repo-setup         -- Perform repository setup.
      --delorean-setup     -- Install local delorean build environment.
      --delorean-build     -- Build a delorean package locally
      --undercloud         -- Install the undercloud.
      --overcloud-images   -- Build and load overcloud images.
      --register-nodes     -- Register and configure nodes.
      --introspect-nodes   -- Introspect nodes.
      --overcloud-deploy   -- Deploy an overcloud.
      --overcloud-update   -- Update a deployed overcloud.
      --overcloud-delete   -- Delete the overcloud.
      --use-containers     -- Use a containerized compute node.
      --enable-check       -- Enable checks on update.
      --overcloud-pingtest -- Run a tenant vm, attach and ping floating IP.
      --all, -a            -- Run all of the above commands.

From this list, I ran these commands in this order:

  1. –repo-setup
  2. –undercloud
  3. –overcloud-images
  4. –register-nodes
  5. –introspect-nodes
  6. –overcloud-deploy

If anything goes wrong (usually at the overcloud deploy stage) I’ve used Steve Hardy’s blog post to troubleshoot.

To then provision an operating system on the virtual machine, we can use the undercloud.

 openstack server create  --flavor baremetal --image overcloud-full --key-name default idm

When that finished:

$ openstack server list
| ID                         | Name                    | Status | Networks            |
| 099b0784-6591-4aba-90ad-   | idm                     | ACTIVE | ctlplane= |
| d5d93bf78745               |                         |        |                     |
| d4ac0792-e70c-4710-9997-b9 | overcloud-controller-0  | ACTIVE | ctlplane=  |
| 32a67c500b                 |                         |        |                     |
| 45b74adf-447f-             | overcloud-novacompute-0 | ACTIVE | ctlplane=  |
| 45c8-b308-c694b6d45862     |                         |        |                     |

Log in and do work:

 ssh centos@
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
ECDSA key fingerprint is 28:40:4f:a0:70:94:ef:ed:31:87:d1:37:b7:eb:8b:5d.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
[centos@idm ~]$ hostname

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