Expect the Minus One

We want your patches for OpenStack, Keystone. Just don’t be surprised when it gets a minus one rating.

A patch that gets a minus one from a core developer is probably on the right track, it just needs adjustment to fit in with the rest of Keystone. Considering the degree in which security and authentication in all of Open Stack depends on Keystone, we take our roles in reviewing code very seriously. A Minus one means we have looked at your patch, and think it has the potential to merge. If we thought you were on the wrong track, it would be a minus 2. If we couldn’t even be bothered reviewing it, the patch would sit there with a 0. Very few patches do that. Keystone has some prodigious reviewers, and most patches get a firts look fairly quickly. If you feel a Keystone patch is not getting appropriate attention, feel free to bug me.

Just don’t be surprised when I -1 it. I -1 because I care.

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