Our Man Behind the Bar

(For my Brother Bill, on his Birthday)


Now shut your mouths and mind your ears my story has begun
about our man behind the bar good William Joseph Young
He’ll Flip the bottle, tell a joke and then he’ll fill your glass
And if you’ve mind to misbehave he’ll set you on your ass

Then pick you up and dust you off and set you on your way
And know that you’ll be back again but this time you’ll behave
for there’s no shame in your defeat, you’ll proudly bare your scar
earned on the night you dared to cross our man behind the bar

So Lend Your Voices to my song and let the praise be sung
About our man behind the bar Good William Joseph Young
For When the sun has disappeared no matter where you are
You’re in the Proudest Company if Bill’s Behind the bar.

They say about his early years well they were kind of rough
he grew up in a town down there who’s middle name was tough
his father was a building man, evenings he shot pool
his mother she was twice as tough, she taught at middle school
His brother lead the wrestling team who’s training Bill’d assist
And if you think his bro was bad you’ve never met his sis
No harder fist that town produced, none quicker of the tongue
Than of our man behind the bar good William Joseph Young


He traveled all around this land and even overseas
He learned to sample wine in France and Beer in Germany
For years he toiled in Michigan, mastering his craft
One summer day he gave a shrug and slipped away to Mass
They call this bar the Rattlesnake is boisterous every night
But till out man here joined its ranks it didn’t have it’s bite
Your place may have the finest views, serve steak and caviar
You’re just another greasy spoon till Bill’s behind the bar.


(Just added One more verse)
His companion is the English Bulldog known as Gus
In competition his concoctions are victorious
The gentlemen grant him respect, the ladies for him yearn
At his request the Stanley cup decided to Return
Some local toughs were waiting after closing time one night
And offered violence to out man so much to his delight
and three dumb thugs discovered just how fortunate they are
they lived to rue the night they jumped Our Man Behind the Bar

Update: I’ve sung it. OurManBehindTheBar

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