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I’m as worried about an economic meltdown as the next person, but I don’t trust this administration to do things right.  I don’t think Congress should give the treasury anything just yet.  Instead, let the Treasury department submit a lits of deals it wants to make, and a line item for each company.  This can go through Congress and get signed by the President as law.  No more blank checks.

Is this too much oversight for ya?  Sorry, but if we are going to start spending taxpayer dollars on this, we the tax payers need to be informed.  I trust congress to do this a hell of a lot better than I trust  Our Executive Branch.  Not more Patriot Acts.  No more Blank Checks.  No more “Trust us.”

This country is a Republic, let’s keep it that way.  I’m from Brookline Mass.  My People in Congress are John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Barney Frank.  I feel OK in letting them oversee where my tax dollars are going to be spent.  The Treasury department is headed by an appointed official.  The executive branch doesn’t have power over the purse strings, the legislative branch does.  Let’s keep it that way.

I really didn’t want this to become a political blog.


OK, the oversight has made it into the bill.  I feel better.  Barney Farnk and John Kerry are both behind it, so that is a plus.

2 thoughts on “Not one cent

  1. But Kerry, Kennedy and Frank are part of the problem of the economic crisis. Barney Frank in particular was responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse.

    It is career politicians like Kerry, Kennedy and Frank that are the problem in this representative republic; they no longer represent the people.

  2. People like to blame Frank for pushing the lenders to make more loans available to more people. But there is a difference between saying “You need to find a way to take care of a wider array of people” and “Do anything you like, and we’ll turn a blind eye.” Frank, Kerry, and Kennedy were never the ones that said that.Deregulation was a GOP position.

    Thanks for responding!

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