Spotted on the North Bank of the Charles

Yeah, the snow today was gorgeous. I walked to work this morning. As I crossed the BU Bridge I noticed a flock of ducks in the water in the lee of the railroad bridge. On the north side of the bridge is a small clearing where the ducks and geese congregate in the warmer weather. I noticed the snow was well beaten down there, and wondered if that was from people or waterfowl. As I continued to walk and look, I noticed a large, brown bird overlooking the same clearing. I recognized the Brown feather with black horizontal lines of my favorite raptor: The Peregrine Falcon. I had seen one in this area earlier in the year, while on a bike ride with my family. As I stopped and watched it, I noticed it’s white underbelly with brown spots that you would see it the bird were in flight. I stopped a bunch of people on the bridge and pointed it out. Seeing a peregrine falcon in the snow while crossing the Charles River is truly a special experience.

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