Chi Running Inspired Cadence

I started running again last spring. In an effort to spare my knees, I searched for books on good mechanics for the running process, and found the Chi Running Book By Danny Dreyer. I try to keep the mechanics in my head while running to keep myself in good form. Today I started chanting the following in my head while running:

  • Picking up the pace (Going for a run)
  • Head to the Sky (Going for a run)
  • Keep your eyes ahead (Going for a run)
  • Keep your Neck up High (Going for a run)
  • Gotta swing your arms(Going for a run)
  • Keep your shoulders loose (Going for a run)
  • Gotta Swing your hips (Going for a run)
  • Pivot from your spine (Going for a run)
  • Must engage your core (Going for a run
  • Gotta Bend your knees (Going for a run)
  • knees stay soft and bent (Going for a run)
  • Peeling up your heels (Going for a run)
  • Get a midfoot strike (Going for a run)
  • Toes point straight ahead (Going for a run)
  • Lean into the run (Going for a run)

I started at my feet and worked up, or at my head and worked down to keep in place.

I’d often repeat a line. The lines about keeping the pace up high were repeated more often than the others, to make sure the whole tempo stayed at 170-180 steps per minute.

It was such a great run I was a little sad when it was over and I had to stop. I was tempted to keep going, but I don’t want to over train, and I did have a work meeting shortly afterwards.

I need to try this again with a metronome.

Addendum: Don Perry decided he wanted this to rhyme and came up with the following couplets

  • Keeping up the pace
  • Head to outer space
  • Forward lookin’ eye
  • Neck held way up high
  • Shoulders: loose in sockets
  • Hands: chest to hip pockets
  • Pivoting your spine
  • Pelvis on a vine
  • Give your core a squeeze
  • Gentle bending knees
  • Peeling up your heels
  • Get them midfoot feels
  • Keep toes pointed true
  • Lean until you’re through

I think this is an improvement. Still, some of the guidance is a bit off from what I would like. I think we’ll keep going from here.

2 thoughts on “Chi Running Inspired Cadence

  1. I didn’t actually sing it. It was more a rhythm and mental checklist to keep myself in good running form. It would be kinda boring to sing.

    Love You, Mom.

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