Updated Home Network Setup

OpenStack is Network intensive. The setup I had previously, based around a Juniper Router, did not have enough Ports to reflect a real OpenStack deployment. I decided to forgo GigE speeds and get an older Cicso Catalyst 2960-WS Switch. Here is the new setup.

Updated Home Network Connectivity

I’ve added a Dell Inspiron 3647 Workstation as a jumphost/VM Host for director. It originally only had one Ethernet port, but I added a second dual nic card, so it is up to three. Two of these are connected to the switch.

Each of the servers also have 2 of the four ports connected to the switch. One of the connections (black cables) are plugged into the ports that are setup for IPMI and PXE. Here is a schematic:

Black: Power and Provisioning. Gray: Tenant, Admin, Storage. Blue: Serial Console

The idea is that the black cables will be the power and provisioning network. IPMI is already set up on the poweredge machines: idrac-zygarde idrac-umbreon idrac-zubat

The Grey Cables will be the tenant, storage, and admin networks, each on VLANs. Director will run on the Inspiron, in a virtual machine. I’ll be able top run one controller and two compute nodes, or three controllers with no compute nodes. Ideally, I would get 2 more Power Edge machines so I can run 3 controllers and two compute.

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