Notes from Jim Peckham’s wrestling camp.

I twice had the privileged of attending Jim Peckham’s Earning the Right to Win wrestling camp. It was a fantastic experience. Jim was a wonderful coach, teacher, and role model.

Photo from The Boston Globe

Jim Peckham

The camp was run right out of his Two car garage’s Resolite(tm) covered floor. The numbers were kept low, to fit into the limited space.

Each morning, he woke us early, had us perform pushups and situps. There used to be a rope climb, but he had to discontinue it for insurance reasons…but he still had it on the T-Shirt. Breakfast was so healthy that we would spend the rest of the day passing gas.

He taught an insane number of moves: I think he counted to 300. And he insisted we take notes. I thought I had a full set, but it turns out that I got maybe half of them. They stayed locked away until a week ago, when I finally transcribed them. They are not the greatest notes, but hopefully they will trigger a few memories.

Earning the right to win

At least 100% on the mat

Difference is in lifestyle

Extra effort

greatest tool to posses imagination. imagine what it feel like to be #1. Believe you can win. 2 forms of discipline internal and external.

Develop blameless attitude. Don’t blame (even yourself);  learn

must believe in yourself

Pride 2 edged sword must have class, get courteous fashion real pride not fake

Courage is ideals ideas what willing

Single I

Low Singles

Defend Change Angle Turn Knee Into man get weight over the man

1. Basic lock both hands to ankles shoulder against thigh

2. setup snatch single step on his foot hooks

3. Low Single to other leg power impact single

4. If poor shot, bring trailing knee in and down lift lead knee drive in and up with leg behind you to knee tap on far knee with lead hand

5. Lockup push head away and single

6. Miss far knee wipeout behind leg hops forward hops back & block

7. hops forward, hops back cut off above knee picket fence

8. Drag arm to opposite side single transpose

9. Step across and in front lift leg high and foot sweep

10. Same setup hook behind knee and jam

11. Grab his write pull in he reacts back in single.

12. Cheat on transpose bring left arm higher on thigh standing cradle. Heel trip.

two knees down

13. On Knees sprawls post hand stand on right foot, shrub punch & look back

14. Single sprawls. Turn away limp arm he falls beside you right hand windmills

15. Single step over w/ right shoulder limp arm behind him

16. Single Sprawls whizzers post hand, butt up, right knee down and across to underneath lift to double

17. Single Whizzer sprawl trap whizzer wrist step across hug knee to chest push w/ head pull wrist pivot

18. single pull leg laterally step up far ankle pick

3rd position both on knees

19. Single hands locked pull sprawl whizzers squeeze elbow to thigh pull up on toes drive come around

20. Knee against shin pull shin up thigh step up on right foot head down trap left arm above the elbow throw right arm to armpit

21. Same set up his head down my head up legal full nelson locked in armpit

22. or near side cradle with step over

23. same setup he stands up to feet clear leg to double

Fourth position

2bent left in the air, knee inside

24. bump forward knee pick walk into him w/ right leg

Roll strawberry shortcake step back with right, forward with left

25. squeeze elbow to side step back w/ right foot forward with left under his leg squat arch bridge

26. Trap knee rotate right arm to instep pull leg up step out hook ankle cross ankle pick

27. Pull

28. forward drive underneath to backdoor or Bulgarian

29. V on knees he’s on feet single post trap draped arm step up on right foot fall to hip, throw, put

30. (cont) weight on his chin then high leg over

Single II

5th position
High Single
Low Single

1. He sprawls post on head bring head out up ear to sternum up to Foot between Legs, toes and knees inward your chin on his thigh step back w right foot head up.

2. Step forward front or trip back to run pipe or double

5. high single (block) punch far knee with right hand step out into him lift, step through, turk

6.if the knockdown doesn’t work use switch to left step back

7. high single pushes head sideways go to crotch squat and lift leg goes down go to a turk if it start up go between legs from behind go to his back and crunch

8. if he squats con’t he lifted go behind knee right under but w/ crotch hand trip

9. high single trap far hand lift foot picket fence at mid thigh

10. high single reach behind leg w/ left grab foot knee sideways w/ head step back and squat.

11. high single he deep tight whizzers locinch (?) step forward pinch elbow to side squat rotate backwards head to chest

12. high single foot comes down to get inside of leg. pull left hand through step, way back with right hand regroup

13. press down on shoulder reach between knees w/ hand come out behind leg

14. man turns away take foot out while he hops

15. push down on heel up on toe man to man

16. inside end of foot force him to hop forward and take his foot out


17. hop back wards wallop side of head block ankles he falls back

7th position high single left ends up on chest

8. Grabs elbow jumps up in air to make you carry his weight step back with left foot, clear leg take him down (swing left behind right)

19. or ankle sweep (17)

8th head outside

20. high crotch from knees drive is w left foot step w/ right foot chop knee

21 Get knee under elbow high crotch lift swing feet in front trap ankle drop cover body bulgarian

22. if he grabs you ankle or cross chest slap wrist step up on right foot break to left hip keep weight up on him

23. high crotch spreads legs (sprawls) grab instep step up pull laterally right hand cuts behind knees pivot backwards lean forward.

24. on knees he sprawls cross faces grab ligament on knee right arm up through crotch grabbing ankle post left hand step up on left then right turn to face left hand over inside hip Bulgarian.

25. Dump put shoulder on thigh go cover with right come across

26. head down 1/2 nelson

27. goes through crotch trap wrist break to side bring head out bridge up on him turn down hill

Double Legs

Angle, Base, Penetration

both knees both feet one knee

2 stance parallel sugar foot

parallel drive off either foot 190degress more easily attacked.

2 circle on man to get him into or out of position
break grab wrist elbow pocket come up elbow pocket V hip [?]

Use sugarfoot feed man his weaker side to attack

Elevation change

Flat back
weight on front 1/2 of feet.
keep head at proper angle to back

not too high up, not looking at floor

drop butt to keep head up, strengthen neck

start with hands

com,e up from inside
be in position hand together

cow catcher on a sprawl
under armpit

dropping right hip
he over compensates
rotate knees punch hip with right shoulder chop knee

cow cathers O.C’s bu dropping left hip
he ties up pull in elbow to chest and punch across pull out duck under
step up underneath hand through crotch right and left lock and lift

slap hip drag

throw hand across grab w other hand to Russian 2 on 1

attack center of gravity double takes 10′

head to center chest to thigh man sprawl to side and head goes to side

1st lift man or limb you are attacking

(more) Doubles.

Classical Tie Up
foot leading on side you are on top am on top of

Pull him in a circle step in behind his right foot look for your show &squat slide hand down to knee

He reaches for lock up roll hand over the top and drag
A foot comes forward step in (hook_) pull back on leg. cover his boy with right arm (torque)

He has tie up. Keep head clear grab four fingers force his arm down & out and duck double under pull w/ left force w/ head picot turk
You have right write he has left pull right reacts back pull left to double duck under w/ knee

back heel chop


knee buckle double : man reaches for lockup Russian 2 on 1 drive arm up hit double.

he hook back of shoulder lock (chop) hands) behind knees


Ties up baseball grip down grabs wrist drag to double


He grabs wrists split thumb and fingers post up

head between legs sit up grab left ankle out back door

touch and go to double post left hand to his right knee chop left knee to nay and turk

must have angle (picture show shoulder over knee, hip back)


he reaches block hand stop not push and shoot he sprawls go up to bear hug and down legs — move in — step up hook from inside to outside

from stance . he palms shoulders. stutter step to elbow post to double left left hand trap bottom leg. hand between legs/ left knee up to finish


touch and go tap toward apex

tap front blind eyes (cover) snap with other touch front of head to apex go back of head forward apex

–head between trap ankle pull down punch with right shoulder

land with brace (head forward)

Power double: Squat lean forward until you on tips lunge off both feet and double


1. Guy hits lead leg up Fireman underhook far arm hook leg whipover

2. Fireman both knees down rotate pal away put it on his chest. squat

3. Fireman to side hold on to butt he reverses high leg bring arm cross chest

4. Firemans sprawl he turns toward you put left hand on his arm, he goes double whiparound

5. Firemans carry Tie up Thumb out palm up pull arm over head [square] hold on arm up crotch swing legs around step up on right foot lower him to mat lower left shoulder raise right

6. He sprawls power double

7. He squats get arm away single

8. land on right knee walk to left knee finish as fireman

9. He sprawls put s right knees down put right first outside knee drive forward left knee to side

10. FM Head underneath sprawls walk up po9st r fist wing left leg to fist break to side finish

11. FM sprawls post r hand hit him in ribs with right with in ribs w/ r and right leg drive left shoulder to mat squeezing arm finish.


1. Trap outside wrist
outside knee forward break to side high left under over w/ l arm don’t let go of wrist

2. Step up Drop inside elbow to mat dip in underneath elevate legs push arm down hips up, to head lock

3. Stand up inside push up look up trap 4 fingers hit him in sternum w/ left forearm to thigh. step up pivot step back look for high single weigh back into him

4. Left arm punch ref step outside left hand trap hand switch hand punch elbow in armpit throw hips out

5. outside stand up Trap hand shift weight forward in step pivot out backwards step away w/ left back with right

6. wrist drag up on hand down on wrist (overhinged)
(step up out away lean forward over foot)

7. Long sitout [HEAD Forward] low right knee below left foot let go of hand [turn away]

8. short sitout [Head forward] create space get further away. R leg forward left leg back pivot on shoulder punch far away w/ right hand.

9. Swivel feet away overhook arm drive back into him bring right leg up drive off left foot pivot on shoulder step over go neutral

10. If he follows grab ankle roll him to 4:30 roll down change hand control back to head lock


10. Swivel come out front w/ arm must bring arm out at right angle to body both thumbs on top.

11. push but up bring left foot across trap wrist roll across both shoulder turn face

12. Flip Granby step up on right foot fork with feet left hand down throw left elbow back jump land on right hip.

13. 2 on 1 overdrive Grab his wrist w yolk of hand resist then drive

14. post back on right foot hip hoist he grabs ankle grab wrist sit back into him cut back under lower and away

15. man holds ankle grab 4 fingers twist shrug away pivot if he overhooks redrag.

16. same he follows dip roll

17. Same start (ear pop shrug) ankle hip heist

18. he has ankle step step back with left arm doesn’t clear leg does down to right knee elbow up crotch roll

19. if more behind him l arm behind his left left take him crib near leg with my leg

21. if body too far forward drive across straighten out right leg catch elbow w right heel post right hand reverse 1/2


takedown 3 mistakes

head down
not set up arms extended

Keep head up!

low single keep head inside

hand in front, down
don’t shoot while other can controls my head .
from knees don reach.

Not Good!

Barrel catcher
Boarding house reach

Shift balance by weight

foot must be behind or under center of gravity and have weight on it
no set up telegraphs move

man is sugar foot try to circle toward his back
hit when rear foot is in the air.

shoot from close in

never stand up trailing leg w head inside

bottom up

land bell down on head lock

don’t wrestle ear to ear

don’t shoot in a circle
keep elbows in
move both feet at a time
don’t cross feet

Don’t shoot down shoot in
never step over from whizzer

wrestle eye to eye or lower than opponent

wrestle ball of foot

don’t cross feet
don’t wrestle on knees keep weight on opponent.
movement to apex of triangle
bottom position angle and weight)

Adam Young June 21

Age 15 11 months
weight 155

Chinup 12 11 8
Pushup 40 30 28

Deadlift 275 206
Squad 80 60 clean 140 105

9-11 reps

3 thoughts on “Notes from Jim Peckham’s wrestling camp.

  1. I just happened to have typed in Peckhams Wrestling Camp tonight. Having gone in the summer of 1994 it was awesome to see this post. Brought back alot of memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Freshman year, 1979 my uncle paid my way for the week. My biggest regret was not going back. Looking back, he was right, it stay’s with you forever, your successes and failures. But the lessens learned should be required learning for all kids, not many have climbed a rope that early in the morning, insane. He challenged my brother Len, 188 Globe all scholastic, to take him down with a firemans carry, Mr, Peckham said he could never do it. Went down like a ton of bricks, twice.
    Pretty awesome time in my life.

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