Extra node on Tripleo Quickstart

I’ve switched my Tripleo development to using tripleo quickstart. While the steps to create an additional VM for the IdM server are roughly what I posted before, it is different enough to warrant description.

When creating the undercloud, you can tell the quickstart script to use an alternative configuration. In my case, I have one based on “minimal” that has the additional node defined:

in tripleo-quickstart/playbooks/centosci/ipa.yml

control_memory: 8192
compute_memory: 8192

  - name: control_0
    flavor: control
  - name: compute_0
    flavor: compute
  - name: idm_0
    flavor: compute

# FIXME(trown) This is only temporarily set to false so we can
# change CI to use these settings without changing what is run.
# Will be changed to true in a follow-up patch.
introspect: false

extra_args: ""
tempest: false
pingtest: true

Now when kicking off the quickstart:

 ./quickstart.sh -c playbooks/centosci/ipa.yml -t all ayoung-dell-t1700

Note that I am using tags, and this one does the complete undercloud and overcloud deployment.

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