Asking Me Questions about Keystone

As many of you have found out, I am relatively willing to help people out with Keystone related questions. Here are a couple guidelines.

Don’t ask me support questions here on the blog. I’ll lie or make something up and you will never know it. Instead, ask in #openstack-keystone if you can find me on IRC or on the #openstack or #oepnstack-dev mailing list with [keystone] in the title. I might not answer, but someone that knows will. Or someone that doesn’t know, will answer, and I’ll correct the answer, and then someone else will correct my correction.

It is a community. I don’t have all the answers, but I try to do my part to contribute.

If you do want to ask me the question in IRC, don’t send a message like this:

ayoung ping

I will not be happy. I might even be snippy and link to Ajax’s post about naked pings.

It is AOK to mention my IRC handle so I get notified, but then ASK YOUR QUESTION STRAIGHT OUT!

And then Stay on IRC.  Like, just leave your client up for 24 hours. I’ll respond, but maybe not for an hour or two. Even if your questions scrolls off the screen, I can pull it out of Evesdrop.  Nothing more frustrating than context shifting to answer a question, only to find the questioner has disappeared.

Don’t worry about being a neophyte:  very few people know Keystone in depth, and if you have the question, someone else does, too.

A really good thing to do:  post it on the OpenStack questions site, and then you can send me a message in IRC asking me to respond.  Then it is posted for all to see.  This is by far your best option.  Worried that someone else has already asked it?  Good reason to browse the archives.


Hacky Stappering.  Happy Stacking.


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