Translating Between RDO/RHOS and Upstream OpenStack releases

There is a straight forward mapping between the version numbers used for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform release numbers, and the upstream and RDO releases of OpenStack. I can never keep them straight. So, I write code.

UPDATE1: missed Juno before…this is why we code review
UPDATE2: had RDO using the version numbers, but it in sync with upstream.

upstream = ['Austin', 'Bexar', 'Cactus', 'Diablo', 'Essex', 'Folsom',
            'Grizzly', 'Havana', 'Icehouse', 'Juno', 'Kilo', 'Liberty',
            'Mitaka', 'Newton', 'Ocata', 'Pike', 'Queens', 'Rocky',
            'Stein', 'Train', 'Ussuri', 'V','W','X','Y','Z']
for v in range(0, len(upstream) - 3):
    print "RHOS Version %s = upstream %s" % (v, upstream[v + 3])

RHOS Version 0 = upstream Diablo
RHOS Version 1 = upstream Essex
RHOS Version 2 = upstream Folsom
RHOS Version 3 = upstream Grizzly
RHOS Version 4 = upstream Havana
RHOS Version 5 = upstream Icehouse
RHOS Version 6 = upstream Juno
RHOS Version 7 = upstream Kilo
RHOS Version 8 = upstream Liberty
RHOS Version 9 = upstream Mitaka
RHOS Version 10 = upstream Newton
RHOS Version 11 = upstream Ocata
RHOS Version 12 = upstream Pike
RHOS Version 13 = upstream Queens
RHOS Version 14 = upstream Rocky
RHOS Version 15 = upstream Stein
RHOS Version 16 = upstream Train
RHOS Version 17 = upstream Ussuri
RHOS Version 18 = upstream V
RHOS Version 19 = upstream W
RHOS Version 20 = upstream X
RHOS Version 21 = upstream Y
RHOS Version 22 = upstream Z

UPDATE: I’ve edited the list.

3 thoughts on “Translating Between RDO/RHOS and Upstream OpenStack releases

  1. You can always ask 🙂
    Seriously, though, I was working for Red Hat at the time I wrote that, so it was a common matter of discussion. The naming scheme is going to be a bit different in the future, as OSP is not going to come out with every upstream release. I am not tracking this anymore, so I can’t quite tell you what the mapping is.

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